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Every Day Profit system v 2.1 is now available with the Bot
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The program has special Test Mode in which you place bets with virtual money. They look and behave practically the same way as real bets, thus letting you try EDP BOT without risking a penny.

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This is a horse racing betting system where you place bets just before the start of the race, so you will need to have free time in the afternoon and be available, normally it takes up to two hours to make profit

Let me explain…

First of all let me clarify something…when I talk about making money from horse racing betting, I’m not talking about a few ‘freak’ or lucky wins in a month. What I’m however referring to is consistently profiting week after week and year after year from punting.


The Every Day Profit system will give you the tools to independently pick winners that will turn your stake into clear profit. It’s time for you to join the elite group of sports investors, that don’t hopelessly gamble and hope for the best.

The key to becoming a success at gambling or any other activity is hidden behind a four letter word known as "WORK". When you take action every day to reach your gambling goals you will become unbeatable.

Daily direct activity will propel you towards any achievement that you want in gambling and life.

"EDP is a very different concept from other systems and the results are proof of that. I think EDP is a lot better than some of those I've seen. You're not trying to rip anyone off, which is very rare this days."

Mike R.

It is possible to systematically profit from horse race betting
It is possible to make a profit from backing horses using a betting system

Date of launch 25/07/2013
Starting Bank 2000.0
Running Balance 2509.98
PROFIT 509.98
Starting Bank 2000.0
Running Balance 3307.58
PROFIT 797.0
Starting Bank 2000.0
Running Balance 3993.87
PROFIT 686.29
Starting Bank 2000.0
Running Balance 7597.80
PROFIT 3603.93

You don’t even need a big amount of money to begin with as even starting with only a small betting bank, in time you can gradually grow this up to a full-time income like many of our members.


If you do what everybody else does,you 'll basically have what everyone else has.If you're a gambler and bet like others individuals,you 'll basically have the same result they have. If you want MORE, then you have to do something different.

I'll be honest with you, I never thought it was possible to make a decent living through betting,I tried everything,until I discovered this.It really is simple and effective,and best of all it generates constant PROFIT on a regular basis.This beats most people wages .


Every Day Profit is a simple system that - if followed correctly - should provide exactly what the name suggests. The instructions are provided in an e-book written by the person who devised the system. The instructions are relatively simple to follow and although the author is happy to admit that English is not their first language, I fully expect that the e-book will be edited throughout the trial to reflect this. The most important aspects of Every Day Profit is that although it's for people who are able to spare about two hours a day (at most) monitoring Betfair, no particular interest in horse racing is required. In fact, it may be a good system for anyone who isn't interested in racing but is able to follow the rules. The recommended starting bank is 100 points: although the minimum bet with Beftair is £2, the author recommends that the minimum stake should be 10 of your local currency (sterling, dollars, euros etc) which would mean a starting bank of 1000.
Review by Mike R.

EDP Final Verdict:

For trial purposes, we began with £100 minimum bets at the start of April and finished with £800 minimum bets at the start of this month. I hadn't foreseen that by the end of the trial in June EDP would have made almost £90,000 profit in just over two months. That is an astonishing success regardless which way you look at it and having verified every single result during the trial period I don't think I'll ever see anything quite like EDP again.


Despite the controversy, EDP passed the review with flying colours. However, if you're going to purchase EDP, I would paper trade the system for at least a week to make absolutely sure that you are familiar with the core concepts: having said that, EDP should pay for itself in no time at all.

Review by Mike R.

A fantastic living can be made from this glorious game. When things do turn round for you and the regular profit come EVERY DAY PROFIT betting system definately worth it's money, believe me!

You can try it on paper the first week, then you follow it with confidence, when you are sure it is just an amazing.


It could radically alter your way of living..

I have been involved with horse racing for some time and noticed a certain trend. The revolutionary method was the result of an "eureka moment" in my lott looking at a computer screen for hours and hours... I decided to create a system, that was different and firstly I did it on paper to make sure it works and the system has never let me down since. It is a discovery and my main reward for many years of unsuccessful betting.

Take the gamble out of gambling with my
Every Day Profit system

We know that horses do not comply to any rule book, any computed statistics, nor do they read the papers or the form quides!Tipsters,those with inside information, the "dead cert" is never ever going to be pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! The only way of making certain of an income is to move away from the emotion of horse racing and take the logical approach.

I personally very rarely watch live racing, I do make money on it.

This method used correctly is so powerful and when you buy it you will see why.

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Start cashing in from the first time you use it...

As far as I am aware this is the only system that can start making you money from the first time you use it. You don’t even need large sums of cash to start with. Week after week and year after year you can use it to produce an extra income on the side and afford all those things that you thought were not possible with today’s rising prices. .


It’s important to understand what I’ve just described is not a fantasy. And it’s not magic. This is what happens to people start to use some of the powerful strategies I have to share in "EVERY DAY PROFIT system”.

Well, the first reason is obvious and I am not an exceptional in this - you can never have enough money. The 2nd season is simple - the ambitions - I would be very pleased if I hear thanks from you when use my method of every day great profit.

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You will get:

All of this for a one-off payment of £59

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The system requires:

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Horse Racing Betting


So maybe you’ve had a bet from time to time. Or maybe you have no interest in Horse racing. You are just looking for a way to cash in on all that money up for grabs. This system should be used for Betfair online market only. This book will teach & show you everything you need to know. Nothing is held back. This system should be used for UK horse racing only.

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